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How I Stay Grounded

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With classes starting up again, I know it can be hard for us to stay calm. I wanted to write this blog post so that I could help all of you who are balancing work, school, etc.  It can be hectic so it’s important to do little things for yourself to stay at peace!

1. My Morning Routine

As I’ve written in a past blog post, my morning routine is very crucial to me.  Whenever I don’t complete it, I have noticed that I am not as focused or motivated that day.  If you want to see how I start my day, click here!

 2. Staying Active

Whether it’s doing yoga or lifting, the gym is a great stress reliever for me. Working out is extremely rewarding.  Every day I like to improve myself in many ways and going to the gym is one of the ways I can improve myself physically. Whatever the workout might be for me that day, knowing that I set aside time for myself to get better while relieving whatever stress I may be feeling that day is a win.

3. Decompressing at the End of the Day

I always look forward to relaxing after a long day.  The way you unwind can improve your sleep, which will give you more energy to be productive!  This can be something as simple as watching Netflix or reading a good book. Maybe even meditating if your day was extremely stressful.  One key thing that I need to do at the end of the day is simply putting my phone away. Not only is it better for your sleep if you don’t look at anything with blue light, but it forces you to just be still and not scroll through Instagram or answer a text.

4. Allowing Myself to Reset on the Weekends

The last thing you want to do after a tiring week of class is to be on the go for the entire weekend.  Set aside time to do at least one thing for yourself on the weekend that will help you reset or just something that’s rewarding after a long week.  It’s something to look forward to and you’ll feel better after!

5. Figuring Out What To Do When I’m Overwhelmed

Sometimes when I am stressed out and just have a lot to do, I’ll go to a coffee shop to get work done.  Something about the environment of a coffee shop just calms me down and I get more work done than I would’ve at my apartment.  This can look very different for you, but figuring out what calms you immediately when you are extremely stressed is so important.

6. Time Management

When I spend too much time on my phone rather than getting things done, it results in stress.  Recently I have been resisting to pick up my phone and being productive instead and at the end of the day I feel way more relaxed and accomplished.  Time management is HUGE in balancing everything and getting things done. I also love using a planner. If I have a lot to do in one day, I will plan out my day accordingly to get it all done.  It’s way more organized and it shows me that I have more time in the day than I feel like I do.

7. Meditating

I’ve been talking about this a bit on Instagram lately, but meditating has been a huge thing for me recently.  Right when I wake up I meditate with Headspace for 5 minutes before doing anything else. This is still new for me but I’ve already noticed a difference how much calmer I feel.  It’s really helped me come at peace with my thoughts and learning how to just be present.

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