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How To Thrive During Quarantine

I know all of this has been a weird time for everyone, and none of us are used to being in our houses for this long. It can be easy to feel out of sorts and as if the days are dragging on. Honestly, that's kind of how I felt at first too. Despite the circumstances, I believe right now is a GREAT time to reset in many different ways. In this blog post I am going to be sharing my tips on how to THRIVE during this quarantine!

I know that all of this uncertainty can cause a lot of weird emotions to rise up to the surface. If you're feeling scared or helpless, you are not alone. Remember, this too shall pass! In case you missed it, my last blog post talks all about how to find peace during this crazy time!

First things first..... you need a routine

I wasn't doing this at first and now that I actually started planning out my days, it makes SUCH a big difference! Now, I'm not only being productive but I am setting side a lot of time for rest and things that fill my cup. Schedule your entire day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Have a to-do list of about 3-5 things and do the highest priority things first. Also, make sure you set a time of the day to stop working. Once I started working from home, I would never have any set time where I would stop. Which resulted in me working until I went to bed because I felt like I needed to finish EVERYTHING. I never got to really catch a breath and it was not fun.

Here's an example of my current daily routine (it can vary depending on the day)

8:30 AM - Wake up

8:45-9:45 AM - Drink my coffee and have my quiet time (pray, journal, read the Bible)

10:00-11:00 AM - Workout (run/abs, ride bike, yoga)

11:00-12:00 PM - Cool off, shower & eat

12:00- 5 or 6 PM - Get whatever work I need done that day. Whether it's shooting for a campaign, getting content together, or just doing stuff around the house.

6 PM- 12 AM: Hang out with my family and just rest. I'll read or watch Netflix!

Make sure you are resting. It's okay to not get everything done!

I don't know about y'all, but I have been LOVING all this extra time to just rest at home. I am always out and about doing something so this has been a pretty big shift for me, but definitely a needed one. Taking advantage of this extra time to just rest has been amazing. I will say though, when I didn't have a routine it was actually harder to find time to rest. Which is funny, because I always say I would rest more if I had more time. At first, I was unintentionally filling all that extra time with more work and realizing I had no time to just rest at the end of the day.

Use this time to do something you've been wanting to do but struggled to make time for!

This could be literally anything so this is different for everyone! I know some lot people are picking up new hobbies, doing stuff around their house or reconnecting with God. Whatever it is, this is the perfect time! Personally, I've been taking advantage of my time at home to work on my masterclass, redo my room and slow down the pace of my life overall.

Can't think of what to do? Here are some ideas:

- Spend more time reading the Bible, Prayer, etc.

- Get into yoga

- Redo your room to make it a calmer space

- Declutter your closet (I need to do this lol)

- Start reading that book you've thought of

- Start a new Netflix series

- Take a bubble bath

- Pick up a side hustle

- Do things outside more (safely)

- And most of all, put in practice some time management skills for when we go back to our usual busy world :)

I hope this blog post gives you inspiration on how to thrive during this time in quarantine! My wish is for you to look back at this time and be grateful that you had the time to accomplish something you had been longing to do!

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