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My Favorite HTX Coffee Shops

Now that you have a list of my favorite coffee shops in Austin, I had to tell you my favorite spots where my latte obsession started. These are my go-to places whenever I am in Houston!

Tout Suite

Pros: Cutest interior, great options for food & sweets, great place to get work done, plenty of places to sit, now serving brunch on the weekend

Cons: None!

What I Get: Vanilla Latte w/ Almond Milk or Pumpkin Spice if in season

Fix Coffeebar

Pros: Best lavender latte I've had, always has good seasonal flavors, great to get work done or have a coffee date, cute interior

Cons: On the smaller side, parking limited

What I Get: Iced Lavender Latte w/ Almond Milk

Art of Coffee (Clear Lake Location)

Clear Lake Location

Pros: Cute interior, good pastries, great for coffee dates, wide selection on drinks/flavors, owner is super friendly, perfect location

Cons: None!

What I Get: Sugar-Free Caramel Latte w/Almond Milk

Black Hole Coffee House

via @thudawin

Pros: Super spacious, inexpensive, friendly baristas, cool artwork, best coconut latte I've had since Hawaii

Cons: Parking is limited

What I Get: Iced Coconut Latte w/ Almond Milk

Heritage Cafe

Pros: Owners extremely friendly, favorite spot for caramel lattes, good options for pastries and small bites, spacious

Cons: None!

What I Get: Caramel Latte w/Almond Milk

Boomtown Coffee

Pros: Love the interior and overall ambiance so much here, plenty of places to sit, great location in downtown

Cons: Parking is limited

What I Get: Vanilla Latte w/Almond Milk


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Pros: Interior is so cute, also can be a good brunch spot, easy parking, great place to take pictures

Cons: Sitting can be limited if busy

What I Get: Iced Vanilla Latte w/Almondmilk

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