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In Psalm 139 it says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but how often does this feel true? A lot of times we can get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others and holding ourselves to such unrealistic standards that we lose sight of how amazing and unique we truly are. This topic was brought to my attention the other day when I was listening to Stephanie May Wilson’s podcast, Girls Night. Her guest on the show, Caroline Schandel, talked about the importance of speaking truth over yourself and I immediately knew this was something I wanted to share with all of you.

Our words have so much power, so why not use it for good? We have the choice to use our voices to speak life into our relationships and environment around us. Something that Stephanie said that really stuck with me was that we all have this idea that being our own worst critic is okay. If you think about it, it really shouldn’t be that way. We are stuck with ourselves forever, so why should our thoughts be constantly fighting against us? If we want to do good and feel good, our thoughts must also be good.

Our minds start to run as soon as we open our eyes and sometimes we can be overwhelmed with negative emotions. This is when it is the best time to speak words over yourself. Address what you are feeling and then tell yourself who you are.  There are two ways you can do this:

1. Write them down

   In my Five Minute Journal, there are a couple of lines that allow me to write self affirmations for myself every morning. If I am overwhelmed by what my day holds, I remind myself that I am capable and that I will get it done. If I am feeling unworthy, I remind myself who God says that I am.

2. Speak them over yourself

This can be done in any way you want to. You can do this while you’re driving, getting ready for the day or even to yourself in the mirror. This is something I am going to add to my morning routine. Once I am writing them down AND speaking them over myself I will feel the power in those words that much more.

Sometimes thinking of self affirmations can be challenging, so here is a list of some that I use and others that were said in the podcast:

“I declare that today is my gift and today is good.”

“My eyes see by faith beyond what is before me.”

“I am blessed and highly favored.”

“I declare that I will live today well. Fully in who You say I am with courage, confidence and boldness. Believing that no matter what is before me it is part of my story and it has purpose.”

“I am beautiful. I silence the lies that tell me otherwise.”

“I am a work in progress. It is okay to not have it all together.”

“I am destined for great things and I am becoming the best version of myself along the way.”

I really hope that this post helps speak life over yourself. I challenge you to try doing this everyday for a month and see what changes inside of you and around you.

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