• Clarissa Martinez

The Importance of a Morning Routine

Why is it that even though we're all at home more, it seems to be even harder to get a grip on our morning routine? Whether it's lack of an everyday structure or motivation, once you realize how important morning routines are you'll want to perfect it!

Creating a morning routine is not about doing as much as you can as soon as you wake up. It's about starting your day on the right foot so you can walk into your daily tasks with a still mind and a brighter mood. I notice a significant difference in my overall attitude and my focus when I do my morning routine versus when I skip it.

What sounds better: waking up and rushing to work or waking up and doing what brings you joy?

Who happily wakes up and rushes to work? I'm going to take a wild guess and say no one. Here are some important things to note about how you start your day...

Why Have a Morning Routine?

The goal of this is to start your day with your cup full. If your cup overflows with everything that is good, it will pour into the rest of your day. If you wake up in a rush, that same sporadic energy will follow you to all your tasks.

Your morning routine can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

Everyone's day to day looks very different which means our time in the mornings can vary. You don't have to do an extremely long morning routine! Do whatever fits your schedule best.

What does this actually look like?

As I said earlier, this is unique to everyone BUT if you're reading this and have no idea where to even begin here are some ways you can do this!

☆ Pray/read a daily devotional

☆ Write 3 things you're grateful for (click here for gratitude journals)

☆ Make your favorite coffee or tea

☆ Play a sermon while you get ready

☆ Get your body moving! Walk, stretch, etc.

☆ Read a chapter from your favorite book

☆ Make a morning playlist to listen to every morning

☆ Listen to your favorite podcast

I hope you're ready to start your mornings right! We're not all morning people but we can try, right?

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