• Clarissa Martinez

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has been getting more and more popular lately. Now that it is something I do daily, I can see why. Meditation is the process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. It allows you to be more mindful and enjoy the present moment. The more I practice it, the more these benefits show true throughout my day and not just during the meditation session. I use the app Headspace to meditate in the morning and sometimes before I go to sleep if I had an overwhelming day.

When I meditate in the morning, I have noticed that it is a lot easier for me to focus in my classes and on my work. It is a lot easier to quiet my mind when a lot of thoughts start to come up. Another change I have noticed since I started meditating is things that would usually overwhelm me don’t have that effect on me anymore. Something like waking up late for class or having a lot of work to do won’t cause me to feel extremely anxious or incapable of getting everything done effectively.

I will notice a huge difference in myself when I am not meditating daily. This might sound cliché, but meditation helps me feel more in tune with myself. I feel more at peace and my outlook towards life becomes more positive. Sometimes I can get really caught up in everything I need to do and it can be really easy for to me to forget to be grateful for everything around me. While keeping my eyes set on where I want to be is good, it is also good to enjoy the process. Meditating allows me to be more grateful for everything around me because it helps me quiet my thoughts.

I would encourage you to start practicing meditation today using the headspace app to see how much it can benefit your life. Even if you don’t feel stressed or anxious, if you start meditating daily you will notice a change within yourself. Meditation looks different for everyone, so even if your first session doesn’t go as planned don’t get discouraged. All you need to do is start.

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