• Clarissa Martinez

What CBD Is & Why You Should Use It!

Everywhere I look now there are CBD products. There’s even CBD lattes now, like what? If you don’t know what CBD is or what the benefits are and you’re thinking, “what in the world is this stuff?”, I hope I can answer some of your questions! I’m going to explain how amazing CBD oil is for you, how it saved my sister, and why I love using it.


CBD (cannabidiol), is derived from the hemp plant. To understand the benefits of CBD, you need to understand our ECS (Endocannabinoid System) since it is directly affected by CBD products. The reason you feel so calm after yoga or get a "runner’s high" is because of your ECS. This system is crucial for keeping our minds and bodies in balance. It regulates vital functions like digestion, mood, sleep, and pain. The balance our body desperately needs gets thrown off by the food we eat, stressors, and toxins. This is why we get anxiety, become depressed, and/or get sick. When you feel really calm after yoga or get a "runner’s high", it's because of your ECS. By positively affecting our ECS, CBD oil promotes our overall health and wellness by helping our body heal itself the way it’s supposed to.


Although I cannot make any medical claims or guarantees for cures, I can talk about experiences I’ve seen. Anytime someone doesn’t know what CBD oil is, I tell them about my sister’s story. About a year ago, my sister was in an extremely dark place mentally. In addition to certain lifestyle changes, in as little as 5 months my sister completely improved after taking CBD oil daily. The brain scans speak for themselves!


CBD oil works different for everyone, depending on what you struggle with. It is also important to remember that it may not work right away and can be something that progressively helps you overtime. For me, CBD oil helps me quiet my thoughts and sleep better. It can be very easy for me to get stuck in my head sometimes, so taking CBD in the morning helps me have a clear mind and stay more focused throughout the day. I just recently started taking it before bed and noticed a significant change in the quality of my sleep.


This is the same oil my sister used and my entire family uses it now! I have been using it for about 6 months and I can honestly say I notice shifts in my mental state and moods when I have been off of it for a couple of days. If you want to try the oil I use, they’re having a promotion right now where all you need to do is pay shipping and handling for a free 5-day sample! E-mail or DM me and I’ll send you the link!

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