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What I've Learned During COVID-19

During this entire pandemic and stay-at-home process I can honestly say I have grown and learned SO much. I was reflecting the other day and shared a little bit of what I've learned on my IG stories and realized this would be the perfect blog post! There are 2 main things I've learned throughout the course of this and I truly believe these can make a HUGE difference in your life if you implement them!


I really want you to get this! I can't even begin to explain how refreshed and peaceful I feel now that I have actually implemented this into my daily life. Although, this isn't to say that every day is easy and that I don't have busy days. I wouldn't say I have "perfected" resting, but it has significantly improved throughout the course of this year and especially during these stay-at-home orders. Effectively planning out my day has helped me clear my schedule to rest. When your day is more structured and you aren't going with the flow, not only will you accomplish more but you will have more time to do things that can "reset" your body, soul and mind.

Resting does NOT mean you are lazy!

Sometimes when you are taking the time to rest, it can feel like you're being lazy since you aren't being "productive". In reality, if you don't rest enough you won't be an effective worker. You'll become unmotivated, burnt out and let's be honest..... you'll be cranky because you're overwhelmed and overworked.

For whoever needs to hear this today:

  • It is OKAY to shorten your to-do list.

  • It is OKAY to say no to things that will overextend you.

  • Prioritize and focus on what absolutely needs to be done today. If tasks can be pushed back, push them back.

  • There are some things you probably don't need to accomplish TODAY.

How To Really Trust God With Everything

Even though I have a blog post up about how to find peace during chaos, it's something that I really, really struggled with at first. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a fearful person but.... I kind of am haha! I am very great at worrying and fearing "what-ifs" when it comes to things that are very important to me. While I have learned what it looks like to trust God in certain areas of my life, trusting God during a worldwide pandemic is very different than trusting Him with day to day things or things that don't have the power to completely change your life or your family's. There was a different level of trust and faith that I needed to step into once everything with COVID-19 started. I will admit that this definitely was not a perfect or linear process by any means. Some days were good and some days were pretty rough.

Your fears will reveal what you don't fully trust God with. It's a hard pill to swallow, I know, but once you uncover that, you can let God into that area of your life. For example, something that became a huge fear of mine when this entire pandemic started was my parents or someone close to me passing away. After praying, reflecting and conversations with others about this I realized I feared being without those I love because it would make me feel heartbroken and alone, a feeling I know all too well.

For those who don't know, that is where my faith journey really started. During a season of heartbreak and loneliness, God really began stirring something up in my heart and grew my desire to be near to Him. Isn't it funny that I feared the very same thing that ultimately transformed me into who I am today? God reminded me that if He brought me through that and used it for my good, He can do that with ANYTHING. No matter what, God is always working everything to our good. The same God who can take what was meant for evil and turn it for good, who can turn graves into gardens and tears into dancing is the same God who is overlooking your entire life and is in control of it ALL. Let's not forget what our God is capable of.

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