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Your Past Can't Take Away From Your Purpose

Don't you hate that little whisper in your thoughts telling you that you can't be used because of all the mistakes you've made? SAME HERE. Let's identify and unpack those thoughts together. It's important to know that these are lies straight from the enemy. The good thing about that is that we have a direct connection to a God who can and will send the enemy RUNNING.

No matter what walk of life we come from, we can be used by God and lead others to Him. Don't believe me? Click here to hear my testimony and how God has used me and is still using me!

Everyone Has A Past

Once I understood that literally everyone has a past and has mistakes they aren't proud of, it really put things into perspective. All those motivational speakers, pastors and anyone you may look up to has a past too. Doesn't mean they're bad people, it just means they're human. We aren't perfect and that is totally okay. No one should expect perfection out of us (and we especially shouldn't expect that from ourselves) because God doesn't even expect that from us. Honestly, when I say that I'm preaching to myself too. I struggle with perfectionism at times too and it's not fun. During those "perfectionism" moments, I remind myself that if God doesn't expect that from me and if I don't even expect that from others, why am I expecting that from myself?

Your purpose doesn't end just because you've made mistakes or gotten off track.

God Is Working In You

Philippians 2:13 says, "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him." If you're here reading this blog post, God is clearly already giving you the desire to grow closer to Him. As you grow closer to God and surrender everything over to Him, He will change you from the inside out.

Maybe there's something you're struggling with right now that you've been struggling with the majority of your life. You could be thinking to yourself, "There's no way I'll ever get past this. I'm not strong enough. I can't." This is where God's strength comes in.

Once God steps in, He will equip you to fight the battle and pick you up every time you fall short. You may stumble, but you won't fall.

Forget About the Past, God Is Doing Something BRAND NEW!

Isaiah 43:18-19 tells us to simply forget about the thing's we've done and to stop dwelling on them. Easier said than done, I know. BUT if you keep holding your past mistakes against yourself, you'll miss out on everything God is doing in your life in every moment. You can keep yourself accountable for what you've done in the past without dwelling on them and allowing them to define who you are. Sometimes God is doing a work in us and we're not present enough to notice. Like I said earlier, God is already doing a work in you in this very moment.

Ask God to help you change your perspective of your past. How can you look at them in a way that honors Him instead of shaming yourself?

For healing from mistakes from your past or an old lifestyle:

"God, thank you so much for delivering me from my old ways. How can I use my story to glorify you? I surrender the weight of all my shame and guilt to you, for Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light."

For healing from a current struggle:

"God, I know this struggle with _____ does not define me and it won't last forever. Give me the strength to overcome _______ and use this for my purpose. Guide my steps everyday so I can walk away from _____."

I hope this blog post encouraged you and helped you realize that your mistakes can be used for your purpose. Follow me on instagram to watch my devotional series all about Healing From Your Past! I've posted 3 videos so far and will be posting a new video each week! :)

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